3 Gross Consequences of Ignoring Water Damage At Home

March 20th, 2020

There’s a lot of reasons why water damage can build up in a home. These reasons can range from issues with your plumbing, aftereffects of bad weather causing flooding, or running either the tap or the bath too long and causing an overflow. There’s no reason, on the other hand, to ignore water damage and the various issues that it presents. From structural damage to your home, to foul odors building up, to electrical damage, and buildup of mold & mildew, there’s no shortage of complications that water damage can create when left unchecked, and here are three particular consequences that can occur if you ignore built-up water damage in your home.


Don’t get us wrong, not all forms of mold are dangerous. Mold can even be found in fancy cheeses a lot of us actually enjoy! However, there’s a likely possibility of mold caused by water damage to contain mycotoxins, which can trigger allergies and uncomfortable sensitivity to humans and even pets. Ignoring water damage at home can cause mold to grow at a rapid pace, creating huge colonies that you won’t be able to clean up on your own. Before things go out of hand, hire a water damage restoration professional to make sure your home is back to just as it should be.

Fire and Electrical Hazards

Exposing your home’s appliances and electronics to high levels of moisture from water damage can definitely put you and your family at risk of a house fire. If your appliances and electronics seem to be functioning just fine after the house goes through some form of water damage, don’t be complacent and keep using them as if nothing happened. To keep everyone safe from being electrically shocked or a potential house fire, refrain from plugging anything in or turning on any appliances or gadgets until they’ve been checked out by water damage professionals.  


When different parts of your home are exposed to high levels of moisture caused by a recent flood, a busted pipe, and the like, you’re putting your home and belongings at great risk of deteriorating and rotting. The most common form of water damage-related deterioration is wood rot where fungi, which feeds on moisture, eats away at your wooden furniture, walls, and even ceilings. Your home’s structural integrity could also be greatly compromised in case the water damage reaches the very foundation of your home. Don’t wait for it to come to a point where your only choice is to move to another home, call a water damage expert immediately.

Believe us when we say this: you don’t want part of these issues. Not only does water damage put your home at a heightened risk of being compromised by damage, but it will give you nothing but headaches having to deal with all these issues. Put your mind at ease and heed these signs the soonest that you spot them. Unsure of how to proceed on your own? Seek out a professional restoration service to handle your water damage for you. Bio Star Services offers all sorts of restoration services to ensure that your home is in tip-top shape, and it is restored to its former glory. Contact Bio Star Services today to learn more.

"We met Dustin and the Biostar team after we had a pipe burst in our finished basement. We were very impressed with his expertise, professionalism and diligence. He took the time to thoroughly explain all of the steps in his cleaning process and went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied with his services. We gladly give him the highest level of recommendation and will absolutely use the Biostar team again if needed."


"Biostar has been wonderful to work with, Dustin has been so diligent in helping us with our water damage restoration claim. He came over and explained the whole process and answered all of our questions. You can't go wrong using biostar! Will post pictures once all of our work is completed!"


"Yes Dustin, his dad, & his crew are Lifesavers that came in with the quickness when I had an unexpected water leak. Theses guys are so helpful,friendly, knowledgeable, and most of all looking out for my best interests. It’s like having my own private angels! Thank you! May god bless you as you help and bless others! Thx again! You guys are the best. Def give them the highest praise and recommendations!"


"Bio Star walked me threw the bid process, insurance claim, clean-up, contractor screening and hire, and final inspection. Being the experience professional made my ‘ice damage ‘ loss as painless as possible. I would not hesitate to recommend Bio Star to anyone. I’ll be glad to talk to anyone about Bio Star!"


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