A Basic Guide To Home Ventilation

September 27th, 2019

There are plenty of aspects of our homes that we just overlook. While we can spend hours obsessing over what color to paint a room or spend a full day redecorating, other aspects are just there – present but easy for us to forget about. 

Home ventilation is a perfect example of this. Homeowners hear plenty of talk about insulation and how sealing their home is important – but without proper ventilation you’re actually doing your home a deserve. The exchange of indoor and outdoor air is vital, and taking steps to pay attention to this is a must for every homeowner. 

Why Should You Care About Ventilation?

There are plenty of reasons for ventilation. The main one is that without it, moisture will build up within the home which in turn can cause numerous problems including:

  • Insulation damage
  • Fire risk due to electrical problems
  • Mold growth
  • Structural damage
  • And more

Elevated moisture levels can even impact the output of cooling equipment, which in turn means that it will work harder and lead to more expensive energy bills. 

When you properly ventilate the home, you are able to prevent these issues and keep your home in the best shape possible, free from moisture buildup and related problems. 

The Main Types Of Ventilation

There are three main types of ventilation that you can use to keep your home’s air fresh and clean. The options that are worth taking a look at include the following.

  • Natural Ventilation – This type of ventilation is the air movement from doors, windows, and cracks in the home. In most older homes this may actually be the primary method of ventilation.
  • Spot Ventilation – By using localized exhaust fans, this type of ventilation removes pollutants and moisture from their source. Good examples here include things like range hoods and bathroom exhaust fans.
  • Whole House Ventilation – Fans and duct systems will pull stale air out of the home and pump fresh air into the home. They may be supply or exhaust only or provide air movement in both directions if needed.

Moisture And Ventilation

Moisture is one of the biggest issues related to poor ventilation. Moist air that encounters a cold surface will condense and become liquid. When moisture of this nature occurs on the walls of a home, it leads to poor ventilation, mold growth, and more.

Ventilating areas with moisture is important, and everything from a clothes dryer that is poorly vented to not having a good bathroom vent installed could play a role here. Always consider adding controlled ventilation and check each room of the home to make sure moisture and ventilation are at appropriate levels.

Making Sure Your Home Breathes

Making sure that you have taken the right steps for home ventilation is an absolute must for everyone. It can provide very real benefits and avoid a huge range of issues in the future. If you’re unsure of just how ventilated your home is or you just need help making sure that it ‘breathes’ properly, we can help. Contact Bio Star Services today to learn more.

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