It Is More Important Than Ever To Decontaminate Illness Areas

March 13th, 2020

In the new year, the USA now faces a new possible pandemic in the form of coronavirus, or COVID-19, an illness that is spreading throughout the world. Sadly, the USA is not any more resistant to the spread of this disease than other countries, which is the Center for Disease Control is also spreading as much information as it can so people can better learn to prevent transmission of the disease to themselves.

And while there are things people can do to minimize their exposure to others that have the virus, there are also considerations that organizations and companies may want to consider for another key factor of contamination; a clean environment.

It’s Not Just People

While we can easily contract illnesses from human contact, this is not the only method of delivery. For example, improper food handling by someone that is sick can easily transmit an illness even if no direct contact is made between people. This is because bacteria and viruses have a “shelf life,” and even though they thrive in the environment of the human body, they can survive for limited periods in the outside environment.

For the current coronavirus outbreak, while data is still being compiled about how to fight disease, basic facts have already emerged about transmission and coronavirus survivability in the environment. At lower temperatures of 39.2°F, some versions of coronavirus have been seen to survive on surfaces for up to 28 days. This lifespan, however, drops, as the temperature goes up, and changes depending on the surface. Coronavirus on paper surfaces, for example, only survives for a few hours.

Something Can Be Done

Biohazard remediation is a term applied to services that specialize in making a space safe for human habitation again after possible contaminants have entered the environment. Crime scenes, for example, where the spilling of bodily fluids has occurred, carry a risk of transmitting the disease to people if the bodily fluids came from someone that was infected with an illness.

Even in areas without violent crime, such as someone convalescing at home from illness, bacteria, or viruses from that illness can linger in the area. Biohazard remediation brings in a team with the proper anti-septic, anti-bacterial equipment to kill off the remaining possible contagions and make the area safe.

Get Professional Help

Now, with an impending pandemic threatening not just the USA but the entire world, biologically sound environments are more important ever. Whether it is a school, an office, or even a retirement home, it is critical that if contagion is detected in a person, and that person has interacted with an environment and the objects within, the area should be treated for biohazard remediation.

Without properly treating environments, the risk of infection through physical contact remains high. For anyone interested in decontaminating an area where there has been a crime, an animal death, or even an illness, we can help. Contact BioStar Restoration and let us make the area safe again.

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