Water Damages Many Parts Of A Home

February 21st, 2020

Homeowners have many things to worry about, such as making mortgage payments or just keeping the furniture intact from pets like dogs and cats. But one thing many homeowners often fail to consider is the slow, but often serious damage that comes to a home from water.

On the whole, water doesn’t seem that threatening. It doesn’t burn like fire, and when you leave it alone, it dries up and goes away of its own accord. So is it really all that dangerous? The answer is yes, with water damage claims going up in recent years, and here’s why.

It’s Going To Get Worse

Whether people argue about the reality of climate change or not, few will argue with having to repair a damaged home, especially if they try to pretend the mold their children are breathing in “is good for their lungs” until they get so sick they require hospitalization.

Water damage is on the rise, and part of the reason for this is an increase in rising water levels from rivers. That, in turn, is fueled by changes in weather patterns, and even if the cause of the weather pattern changes—or the weather itself—may be debatable to some, the actual damage isn’t. When water gets into a home in large amounts, it affects many different parts of the home, including:


This is probably one of the easiest forms of damage to miss, because in some cases, people may not be aware that it’s happened at all, or is continuing to happen. Water damage in walls isn’t always visible on the surface, such as a leak in a pipe within the wall. This can lead to a weakened structure that will eventually fall apart and, in the worse case scenarios, mold.

Floors & Ceilings

These parts of a home can be damaged by water in many ways. A hole in a roof can expose the attic and/or ceiling of the room under the roof water damage that can get into the insulation and the wood. For floors, if water pipes are running underneath, breaks or leaks in these pipes can gradually cause water damage that spreads. This can also lead to weakened structures and mold formation.

Rugs & Carpet

Fiber floor surfaces like rugs and carpet are particularly susceptible to water damage, but here the damage is more apparent. Not only does a wet carpet or rug look bad, but it can also eventually smell bad due to mold formation and become unsafe to people in the home if they breathe in mold spore.


Normally furniture only becomes damaged in the event of flooding or some other release of a large amount of water. Without proper treatment of the furniture, colors can lose vibrancy and wet furniture is no longer comfortable to use. As with other forms of water damage, once mold sets in, furniture can become a major health hazard for people that insist on using it.

If you want to ensure your home is safe to continue to use, make sure water damage is properly addressed. Contact Bio Star Services for assistance in finding and treating water damage.

"We met Dustin and the Biostar team after we had a pipe burst in our finished basement. We were very impressed with his expertise, professionalism and diligence. He took the time to thoroughly explain all of the steps in his cleaning process and went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied with his services. We gladly give him the highest level of recommendation and will absolutely use the Biostar team again if needed."


"Biostar has been wonderful to work with, Dustin has been so diligent in helping us with our water damage restoration claim. He came over and explained the whole process and answered all of our questions. You can't go wrong using biostar! Will post pictures once all of our work is completed!"


"Yes Dustin, his dad, & his crew are Lifesavers that came in with the quickness when I had an unexpected water leak. Theses guys are so helpful,friendly, knowledgeable, and most of all looking out for my best interests. It’s like having my own private angels! Thank you! May god bless you as you help and bless others! Thx again! You guys are the best. Def give them the highest praise and recommendations!"


"Bio Star walked me threw the bid process, insurance claim, clean-up, contractor screening and hire, and final inspection. Being the experience professional made my ‘ice damage ‘ loss as painless as possible. I would not hesitate to recommend Bio Star to anyone. I’ll be glad to talk to anyone about Bio Star!"


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