Getting The Most Out Of Your Disaster Claim

February 14th, 2020

When disaster strikes, most families aren’t as prepared as they should be. However, the reality of the matter is that you can really only be so prepared, as each disaster is unique along with the damages they cause. These situations are stressful, and they leave home or property owners feeling overwhelmed wondering what they should do next. Calling a restoration company is important to getting your property back up and running again, but what should you be doing in the meantime? 

Making a disaster claim with your home or property owner insurance policy should be one of the very first steps you take, and it’s from here that you’ll make your subsequent steps to get your property back up and running again. Insurance providers are businesses first, and while you may think that your case will be a simple one, this is rarely the case. It pays to know just how to get the most out of your disaster claim. 

How To Get What You Need Out Of Your Disaster Claim 

Getting what you need out of your disaster claim is important, and the steps you can take to ensure this happens are:

- Make that first call – Your first step should be making that first call to your insurance company. Delaying this first call can be a major mistake, as insurance providers can use this delay is “proof” that you don’t require the help you’re claiming to need. During this call, you’ll find out what you can be compensated for, you’ll learn more about your deductibles, and your insurance provider can assist you in making those next necessary steps.

- Going through your property – After calling your insurance company, you’ll want to go through your property to prevent further loss, salvage items that are salvageable, and photograph or videotape any evidence of disaster damage. The evidence collection process in this step is an important one, proving to your insurance company the extent of your damage and your need for compensation. 

- Arrange for new living arrangements – If your home is damaged to a point of being unlivable, you’ll need to arrange for new living arrangements until your restoration is complete. In most instances, this is covered by your insurance provider. 

- Find the right restoration – After disaster strikes, you’ll need to find the right restoration company to restore your property to a livable state once again. Finding the right restoration company is important, and you’ll want to only seek those with knowledge, experience, and a customer oriented way of doing business. 

The Right Restoration For All Of Your Needs 

After a disaster destroys your home or business, all you’re like to think about is how you can get your space restored to what it once was. Finding the right restoration company is crucial to getting your property back on track, and we have just the restoration services you need. If your property is in need of professional restoration after a disaster, call us at Bio Star Services today.

"We met Dustin and the Biostar team after we had a pipe burst in our finished basement. We were very impressed with his expertise, professionalism and diligence. He took the time to thoroughly explain all of the steps in his cleaning process and went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied with his services. We gladly give him the highest level of recommendation and will absolutely use the Biostar team again if needed."


"Biostar has been wonderful to work with, Dustin has been so diligent in helping us with our water damage restoration claim. He came over and explained the whole process and answered all of our questions. You can't go wrong using biostar! Will post pictures once all of our work is completed!"


"Yes Dustin, his dad, & his crew are Lifesavers that came in with the quickness when I had an unexpected water leak. Theses guys are so helpful,friendly, knowledgeable, and most of all looking out for my best interests. It’s like having my own private angels! Thank you! May god bless you as you help and bless others! Thx again! You guys are the best. Def give them the highest praise and recommendations!"


"Bio Star walked me threw the bid process, insurance claim, clean-up, contractor screening and hire, and final inspection. Being the experience professional made my ‘ice damage ‘ loss as painless as possible. I would not hesitate to recommend Bio Star to anyone. I’ll be glad to talk to anyone about Bio Star!"


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