Prevent Your Home From Sustaining Water Damage With These Tips

May 29th, 2020

Sometimes, various issues occur, which are beyond a person's control and lead to water damage. For instance, when storm clouds park themselves above a place for extended periods, they can dump a lot of rain on the location all at once. As such, flooding occurs, and the H2O gets inside homes. The events often cause furniture, wood floors, carpeting, and more to soak up the liquid, ruining the items along the way. Then, homeowners typically find themselves contacting an emergency restoration company to restore everything to its original state. 

In the same token, other problems like plumbing and roof leaks result in water damage too. Not to mention, sweating condensation lines in a house's attic can do the same. Heck, if an appliance such as a washing machine, ice maker, or refrigerator malfunctions, personal belongings, and building materials can sustain damages as well. Yes, restoration services are perfect for cleaning up after these types of situations, but still, wouldn't most folks rather avoid being put in such a predicament altogether?

The answer to that question is probably yes, they would rather avoid it. Therefore, the remainder of this post is going to focus on some tips that homeowners can use to prevent water damage. So, curious persons should read through the following sections to learn more. 

Allow A Professional Roofer To Inspect Your Roof Once A Year

Not only do roof leaks cause water damage by dripping on drywall, insulation, wood, and more, but they also promote mold growth by creating moist conditions. That fungus is often responsible for people experiencing symptoms such as skin rash, cough, shortness of breath, and fatigue. Thankfully, there is something individuals can do to knock out two birds, water damage and mold growth from roof leaks, with one stone.

Homeowners can have their roofs inspected by roofing contractors annually. The professionals have the experience and tools to determine the integrity of the coverings. Plus, if minor problems exist, they can make repairs as needed to ensure that the shingles, metal, tiles, or whatever are prepared to handle whatever Mother Nature throws their way. 

Replace Rubber Washing Machine Hoses With Braided Metal Ones

It is not uncommon for rubber washing machine hoses to deteriorate as they age. In turn, holes and breaks can form in the lines. Many times, the leaks remain hidden behind the machines, and people don't even realize that there is an issue. That is until some water starts to show up on the utility room floor, or the appliance has to be pulled out for servicing. Therefore, homeowners should consider having the rubber hoses replaced with their braided metal counterparts. They tend to be more robust and have an extended shelf life. 

Install Moisture Alarms Throughout The Home

There are all sorts of moisture alarms on the market today. They can prove to be just what the doctor ordered for detecting leaks early on and preventing water damage. Whenever a drip, spray, or spritz occurs nearby, the units emit a sound to warn people of the trouble. Then, they can take action quickly, turn off the H2O, and contact a plumber to fix the issue. 

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