What You May Not Know About Mold

February 28th, 2020

After disaster strikes your home, you’re going to have many concerns. Particularly if your home suffered extensive devastation, your first priority is going to be getting your home back in livable condition. In instances such as these, it’s important to call a professional restoration company straight away. However, what about those “smaller” natural disasters? A couple of inches of water makes its way into your basement, you find yourself with a small roof leak, or the pipe under the sink breaks and leaves you with a cabinet full of water?

In these instances, homeowners are usually tempted to take on the problem themselves. Afterall, it’s not too much mess, and it’ll save money to DIY the cleanup, won’t it? What these homeowners don’t realize is that these “small” disasters leave their homes highly susceptible to mold growth, which can be devastating in and of itself and leave you with a months to years long battle.

Mold cannot only destroy your property, it can also affect your health. Mold exposure does not agree with the human body, and you could find yourself battling symptoms that don’t go away while you’re further exposing yourself to mold spores.

The Symptoms Of Mold Exposure

You don’t always see mold when it’s there, and this rings particularly true when mold growth occurs in places like the basement or the attic where you may not be every day. This doesn’t mean that mold spores aren’t in your air, however, and it’s these spores that cause mold exposure symptoms. Some of the symptoms one might experience when exposed to mold spores are:

- Coughing and wheezing – For those who have asthma, mold spore exposure can be downright dangerous. Mold spores cause a reaction that exasperates asthma symptoms, leading to coughing and wheezing or even asthma related hospitalizations.

- Runny or itchy nose – If your nose is running and itching, and simply won’t stop, it might not be your body trying to fight off a never ending cold. Mold spores lead to allergic reactions in the sinuses, which could have you battling a runny nose that simply won’t quit.

- Itchy, watery, or red eyes – Screen time, dry air, and irritants can cause itchy, watery, or red eyes, and so can mold spore exposure. If your itchy or watery eyes seem to worsen while you’re in your home, it could be mold spores doing the damage. 

- Ear infections or fullness – Ear infections and fullness can also be a sign of mold spore exposure. As mold does its worst to your sinuses, these irritated passageways can cause fluid to build up behind the ear. This leads to fullness within the ear, ear infections, and sometimes dizziness.

Keeping Your Home Free From Mold

When these “small” disasters strike, it’s important to trust your cleanup to the professionals. This limits your potential for mold growth and therefore your exposure to mold spores. If you’ve been battling mold in your home after exposure to moisture, call us at Bio Star Services to take care of the cleanup today.

"We met Dustin and the Biostar team after we had a pipe burst in our finished basement. We were very impressed with his expertise, professionalism and diligence. He took the time to thoroughly explain all of the steps in his cleaning process and went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied with his services. We gladly give him the highest level of recommendation and will absolutely use the Biostar team again if needed."


"Biostar has been wonderful to work with, Dustin has been so diligent in helping us with our water damage restoration claim. He came over and explained the whole process and answered all of our questions. You can't go wrong using biostar! Will post pictures once all of our work is completed!"


"Yes Dustin, his dad, & his crew are Lifesavers that came in with the quickness when I had an unexpected water leak. Theses guys are so helpful,friendly, knowledgeable, and most of all looking out for my best interests. It’s like having my own private angels! Thank you! May god bless you as you help and bless others! Thx again! You guys are the best. Def give them the highest praise and recommendations!"


"Bio Star walked me threw the bid process, insurance claim, clean-up, contractor screening and hire, and final inspection. Being the experience professional made my ‘ice damage ‘ loss as painless as possible. I would not hesitate to recommend Bio Star to anyone. I’ll be glad to talk to anyone about Bio Star!"


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